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"Noreen Ashe Sings for You" is Noreen's third album recorded at Jenny Wren Studios and produced by Eddie Lee.  It combines an eccelestical mix of traditional Irish country, American country and Gospel music. "'Sings for You" will prove to be a hit amongst Noreen's fanbase which grows more and more with each passing month.
Click on some of the tracks below to listen some of the sample tracks. 

Track Listing

1. I Cry Everytime I Leave Ireland
2. You Left Without Saying Goodbye
3. Wrap Your Arms Around Me
4. Reasons
5. I'll Remember Your Love in My Prayers
6. God's Plan
7. I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
8. Philadelphia Lawyer
9. The Way Old Friends Do
10. Heaven Around Galway Bay
11. Gospel Medley
12. The Wind on the Hill
13. R 'n' R Medley

Sings for You

Wrap Your Arms Around Me, Jesus.
Wrap Your Arms Around Me, Jesus
Rock 'N' Roll MedleyRock 'N' Roll Medley
Rock 'N' Roll  Medley
The Way Old Friends Do
:087 2267001
087 2267001